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BWI Information

Welcome to BWI.  This page is designed to provide you with as much information about our school as possible. Whether you are considering moving into the district or you have a child attending the intermediate school for the first time, we hope this page will answer many of your questions.
Who Attends BWI? 
BWI houses all 5th and 6th-grade students in the district.  Students from the district's four elementary schools feed into BWI.  Our current enrollment is approximately 570 students.
Office Staff 
Principal:  Gary Hankins
Assistant Principal:  Sarah Wytzka.  Mrs. Wytzka has been the assistant principal at BWI since 2015.
School Counselor:  Molly Fortune
Office Secretary:  Kathie Bowman
Attendance Secretary:  Cassie Rice
Students will rotate through five different specials about every seven weeks.  These include:
  • Art 
  • Physical Education
  • Public Speaking/Drama
  • STEM
  • Wellness 
5th Grade Structure
Our teachers work in two-person teams, meaning, for the most part, one teacher teaches math and science while the other teacher teaches language arts and social studies.   
6th Grade Structure
Students are either placed on a two-person team (see 5th-grade) or a 6-person team.  On the 6-person team, students will have a different teacher for each of their core classes (math, language arts, science, and social studies).  We double block math and language arts, meaning those classess are about 90 minutes long.
Music Program
Our 5th-graders may choose from band, choir, and orchestra.  These will run at the same time as a student's specials class.
Our 6th-graders may choose from band and choir.  These are optional, not requirements. 
Extra-Curricular Activities
School sponsored athletics do not begin until 7th grade in the state of Ohio. Many of our students participate in community athletic organization which use our facilities.  While we will publicize these opportunities through announcements and handouts, they are not affiliated with the school.  Things such as eligibility do not come into play at this level.
1:1 Program
BWI implemented a 1:1 program with Chromebooks during the 2017-18 school year.  Each student is issued a Chromebook and will keep that device through their 8th-grade year.  We see this as one of the many instructional tools our students and staff can use in the learning process.