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Planning for Growth (Bond Issue)

Facility Matters & Questionnaire

Our Big Walnut community is a very desirable place to live. Looking ahead, we have some big decisions to make as a community.

We are definitely at a crossroads. Enrollment is increasing at an unprecedented rate for our community. Conversely, our effort at a bond issue failed, leaving us with limited options on how to address the growth. We want to know what the community thinks about what our priorities should be going forward.

That’s where you come in.


Within these pages you will find updated information on how we will address growth now and other helpful information. In addition, you will specifically find an online questionnaire. I invite you to fill this out so that we know what thoughts and concerns you have. Doing so will help guide our next steps.


Thank you for being a part of our planning. Please feel free to send any questions you may have to [email protected]




Angie Pollock