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Immunizations for Incoming 7th Grade Students

Middle School Immunization

Pupils enrolled in grades 7 and 12 are required to have written proof on file at their public or nonpublic school that they have been immunized against Tdap and Meningitis (7th grade) and Meningitis (12th grade on or after their 16th birthday) as set forth in Section 3301.53(A)(4) and 3313.671 of the Ohio Revised Code. Pupils who are not in compliance are to be excluded from school attendance no later than (14) fourteen days after admission. If you choose not to immunize your child, a completed Immunization Exemption Form must be completed and provided to school, no later than (14) fourteen DAYS after admission.  Written proof is considered an immunization record signed by the health care provider. Please contact district nurse MeganTruax@bwls.net with any questions.

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