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Math 8
Dilation Assessment
On Friday 8/23/2016 we will have the Dilation Assessment in class.  We will review in class prior to the day of the assessment.  The students will need to know how to dilate an image, how to find a scale factor, how to determine if two objects represent a true dilation, writing a dilation algebraically, and combining the transformations we have already learned (translations, reflections, rotations) with a dilation.
Equation Assessment Postponed
The Equation Skills Assessment that was originally posted and planned for Friday September 30, 2016 has been postponed.  The students have been working hard this week on algebra skills (1-Step Equation solving, Distributive Property, Identifying and Combining Like Terms).  No reschedule date for the Equation Assessment has been determined yet.
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Week of September 19, 2016
Learning Targets for the Week
- The students will correctly dilate an image on a coordinate plane.
- The students will correctly combine two or more transformations on an object.

No School - Delaware County Fair Day!!

Today we will combine transformations (Translations, Reflections, Rotations) with Dilations.  
HW:  p. 330 #1-10 all   

More practice with multiple transformations.
HW:  Worksheet 10.3

Review day to prepare for the Dilations Assessment
HW:  Dilation Practice Assessment

Dilation Assessment in class.
HW:  No HW
Week of September 26, 2016
Learning Targets for the Week
- The students will correctly solve and check a 1-step equation.
- The students will correctly simplify an algebraic expression. (Like Terms and Distributive Property)
- The students will correctly solve a 2-step equation.
- The students will correctly solve a multi-step equation.

Today we will review and practice solving 1-step equations that involve integers, fractions, and decimals.
HW:  1-Step Equation Worksheet

Today we will simplify algebraic expressions by combining like terms and using the Distributive Property
HW:  Algebraic Expressions Wkst

Today we will solve and check 2-step equations. 
HW:  2-Step Equations Wkst

Today we will solve multi-step equations that involve combining like terms and/or Distributive Property with equation solving.
HW:  Multi Step Equation Wkst

Today in class will be an Equation Assessment over the skills learned and practiced this week.
HW:  No HW

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