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6th Grade Science and Heartland Outdoor School
Class Descripstion
Welcome to 6th grade science! This year students will add to their knowledge and skills involving scientific inquiry and scientific measurement. Students will also learn about cells, minerals, rocks, soil, potential and kinetic energy, as well as other aspects of matter.

Heartland Outdoor School is April 30 – May 3, 2019. Students can choose to go to Heartland these four days or stay at BWIS. Continue to visit this site for due dates, handouts, and other information. Their website is heartlandoe.com

Heartland Information/Permission Slip Packet
Parents received this at the 10/29 Information Meeting. Students received it in class on 10/30. We went over the packet in class together. 
Heartland Financial Aid (Scholarship) Request Form
Heartland Parent Information Meeting
The Heartland Information Meeting for parents was held in the BWI gym on Monday October 29 from 6 pm - 7 pm. A staff member from Heartland, our district nurse, PTO board member(s), Mr. Hankins, and the BWI Heartland Coordinators were present to give you information and answer questions. An Information/Permission Slip packet was available as well. 
Science Fair Opportunities for 2018-2019
Here is the information packet. We went over it in class together on Wednesday, November 7.
Heartland Permission Slip
The Heartland permission slip was due last Friday, January 11. 
Heartland Online Health Form/Packing List etc... Packet
This packet was given to students on Friday, January 25. The packets have two letters from the Director of Heartland, answers to frequently asked questions, the packing list, a medication reminder, and the website and access code for parents to complete the required online Health Form. Please complete the Online Health Form by February 22.Thank You!
Heartland Payment 2
The second payment, of three, is due this Friday, March 1. Please see the Information/Permission Slip packet from October for details. If you have requested financial aid or have already paid please do not send/make payment.
Thank you!
Heartland Final Payment
The third and final payment is due this Friday, 4/5. Thank you!
Heartland = Helpful Packing List
Mrs. Everitt made this up for us based on experience. (The original packing list as well as answers to frequently asked questions is in the Health Form packet.)
Thanks Mrs. Everitt!!!
Final Details Letter
This was given to students last week. Thank you!
This Week in Science
Week of 4/1 - 4/5
Learning Targets: Know what makes a mineral a mineral. Know the ways to identify minerals.

Monday = Review your "Minerals - Knowledge/Understanding Check" from before break. Make corrections using resources if they need to be made. Watch a University of Nottingham video about Gold and then one on Fool's Gold (Happy April Fool's Day). Begin a persuasive essay (letter/slide show) to U.G.G. (United Gold Group) explaining why they should hire you. They need to know how you will determine whether you have found gold or fool's gold. 

Tuesday = Work on the Gold vs. Fool's Gold assignment. (U.G.G.)

Wednesday = If not finished with the U.G.G. assignment please wrap it up within 10 - 15 minutes. Then complete the "Properties of Minerals" paper for vocabulary review. I then have more vocabulary practice with the "Mineral Vocabulary" paper.

Thursday = If time is needed please complete yesterday's paperwork. Then take the Mineral Quiz. After the quiz let's see what you remember about rocks.

Friday = Fill out your "Tribe Wish List" for Heartland. Then we will get rocking with rocks.
Week of 4/8 - 4/12
Learning Target(s): Know how rocks form and change in the rock cycle. Be able to observe and classify igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks based on their characteristics. 

Monday and Tuesday = After checking prior knowledge on rocks last week we need to spend time on the what the rock cycle is. We will build a diagram of it together using a color coding system. 

Tuesday - Friday = After diagramming the rock cycle we will look at specific characteristics that the three types have. This will help us identify them and even help with understanding/predicting why certain rocks are used for certain jobs/things. If time allows we will get into weathering of rocks and how that leads to soil formation.
Week of 4/15 - 4/19
Learning Targets: Know the three types of rocks and how they are formed and changed through the rock cycle. Know how to identify rock types based on characteristics. Know whether an igneous rock is from magma or lava and if it is high or low in silica.

Monday - Thursday = Review the rock cycle. Learn the specific texture and composition properties of igneous rocks. 


Friday = No school. Happy Easter for those celebrating!!!
Remind Directions
Sign up for important messages regarding science and Heartland. Receive a push notification, a text, or an email.
Curriculum Night Letter
This was given out Monday evening (8/20). Your son or daughter received them in science class Tuesday (8/21) if you were not able to come to Curriculum Night.
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