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American History 8
Chapter 2 Test
The Chapter 2 Test will take place in class on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.  The test will cover mainly the content from the early North American colonization period and some key points from Chapter 1 when we learned about the early Native American people and civilizations.  On Thursday, September 22, the class received a review sheet of important dates, places, and people, as well as main-idea questions to help focus studying efforts.  Students may also take an online practice test at:
www.testmoz.com/70841 Password = 1234

AH8 - Colonial Region Presentation
After the students completed and reviewed the Chapter 2 Test, the class conversation switched to the original 13 British colonies that would become the United States.  The students randomly selected one of the regions (New England, Middle, Southern).  From there, the students will be in groups and will have the responsibility of researching and presenting information on their particular colonial region.  The presentation description is in the attached file.  No set date has been made for when the group presentations will take place.
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Week of September 26, 2016
Learning Targets for the Week
- The students will review to prepare for the Chapter 2 Test.
- The students will demonstrate knowledge they have gained concerning early colonization and exploration via the Chapter 2 Test.
- The students will research different forms of governments throughout history.
- The students will learn about attributes of the original 13 American colonies.

Today we will play review Jeopardy to prepare for the Chapter 2 Test on Wednesday.
HW:  Study for Chapter 2 Test

More test prep practice.  We will practice answering extended response questions concerning early exploration and colonization.
HW:  Study for Chapter 2 Test

Chapter 2 Test
HW:  No HW

Complete the Chapter 2 Test.  After that, the students will research different forms of governments throughout history.
HW:  No HW

Today we will begin discussing the original 13 colonies and, if time permits, introduce the AH8 Create - A - Colony Project.
HW:  No HW
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