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COVID-19 Dashboard

Monday, October 19, 2020
Active, Confirmed In-Person Staff & Student Cases

Overall Active, Confirmed Staff & Student Percentage 


Active, Confirmed Student Cases Virtual Learning Program (VLP)


Overall Active, Confirmed VLP Student Percentage

COVID-19 Dashboard Facts

Big Walnut Local Schools is committed to accurate and transparent information regarding positive, confirmed cases within our school environment while adhering to the privacy and confidentiality of our students and staff. If your child or a family member is being tested for COVID-19, we ask that your child remain home until you receive a negative test result or as directed by a local health department. Parents are requested to notify your child's school within 24 hours if your child has positive case of COVID-19. Please notify the school nurse ([email protected]) and/or attendance line to report a positive case. 

The information above represents the number of confirmed, positive  COVID-19 cases in district schools and buildings as officially confirmed and reported to the district by the Delaware General Health District. 

Will parents be notified when there is a positive, confirmed case of COVID-19 at their child's school?
Big Walnut Local Schools will provide notification of a positive, confirmed case to staff and students in a specific classroom within 24 hours of receiving notification from the health department. The district will work with the Delaware General Health District to identify if any individuals will be identified as a close contact. If a staff member or student is identified as a close contact, they will be contacted by the Delaware General Health District and additional instructions will provided. 

Will parents be notified of positive confirmed cases in the Virtual Learning Program?
Because VLP students do not attend in person, notification of positive, confirmed cases will not be directly communicated. However; positive confirmed cases will be included on the overall count of reported cases.

Will parents be notified of positive confirmed cases involving those in athletics, extra-circulars or co-circulars?
Notification of positive, confirmed cases will be provided to the impacted families of the students and their corresponding team, group or club.