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Better Ways To Do Business


Within our Big Walnut Local Schools, we are accustomed to a lean budget. We work hard every day to maximize and stretch the dollars that we have. It also means that we are always looking for better and more efficient ways to conduct the business of our schools.
Of special note this year, our schools will increase the frequency of our newsletter to a monthly newsletter and will continue offering it to the entire community. We hold communicating with our public in high value and are pleased to be able to use this tool as a means to share school information with our residents.
The newsletter is transitioning toward being funded entirely through ads and at zero cost to residents. Moreover, we will be expanding the newsletter so that we share it with other governmental entities like the Sunbury/Big Walnut Chamber of Commerce, the Community Library, and the Big Walnut Civic Association. We believe that in doing so, we are increasing the value to residents and demonstrating excellent governmental collaboration.
The newsletter will remain an important way that we communicate with the community about our schools. We know that it is widely read and that it is an important source of information for the community.
In addition, this summer, we have several projects within our schools that will help us to modestly maintain the investment that we have in our existing buildings. We have needed routine upkeep and are making repairs to many of the buildings. In doing so, we are using our own custodial and maintenance staff whenever possible instead of contracting out the projects.
Although we must divert money from the day-to-day operating fund in order to make these repairs occur, they are all important to the general upkeep of our buildings. We are only taking care of the repairs that absolutely must occur and are deferring most others until the district has more funds or until the problem becomes severe enough. That’s not ideal, but it is part of managing our limited resources.
As August nears, please be sure to check our website for important back-to-school information. We continue to work hard over the summer months to ready our buildings and grounds so that we are ready to welcome students for another great year.
Angela S. Pollock