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College & Career Readiness

We are committed to ensuring our students are prepared for life after high school, whether that means preparing them for college and/or a specific career field. 

Big Walnut Educational Options (BWEO)

We offer several alternate ways for students to earn high school credit while preparing for college or the work force. Any student is eligible to be considered for alternative ways to earn credit toward graduation, but must meet the criteria of the conditions prescribed in order to earn credit. See your school counselor for registration or application information.
Career-Technical Education Programs 
Career-Technical Education Programs help prepare students for college and careers, offering many industry credentials and an opportunity for students to earn their high school diploma, while also earning college credits. Students can take Career-Technical courses both on the BW campus and at the Delaware Area Career Center (DACC). Each career technical course provides students with the chance to experience real world situations to help them make early decisions about postsecondary education and career paths.
College Credit Plus
College Credit Plus Information Packet - revised 3.30.2020
College Credit Plus allows students to take a college course and earn college plus high school credit while in high school, on a full- or part-time basis. The goal of this option is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and expose students to options beyond the high school classroom. Students may take college courses taught within the high school building by a high school instructor with post-secondary credentials, taught within the high school building by a post-secondary instructor, taught on the college campus, or a course taken online. Students choosing a course offered through a public college or university in Ohio will have tuition, fees, and books provided. Students choosing a course through a private college or university may be responsible for fees associated with the course.  
Big Walnut CCP Program Presentation 
Credit Flexibility
Credit Flex Application
Credit flexibility provides students with an alternative method for earning high school credit outside of the traditional classroom. Recognizing that some students have advanced skills and/or special interests in particular content areas, Credit Flexibility provides a venue for demonstrating learning and proficiency — thus allowing students to earn credit and/or move into more advanced coursework, bypassing previous “seat time” requirements. The plan for the credit is developed by the student, the family and the school. The application will include an outline specifying major instructional activities and identifying materials, resources, faculty, and equipment needed to achieve instructional objectives. *Application and approval process through BWEO Committee

Experienceship Application
Experienceships are an avenue for our students to get real-world experiences in various career fields. Students completing an experienceship will work with a partnering company or organization in order to complete requirements that are laid out at the onset. Students successfully completing the experienceship requirements will be issued elective credit.  Each experienceship will require meeting with the College & Career Readiness Coordinator prior to the beginning of the experienceship.  Upon completion of the experienceship at each site, the student will complete a reflection activity. *Application and approval process through BWEO Committee

Testing Out
Testing Out Application
The Testing Out option is an opportunity for students to test out of and receive credit for a course prior to taking it. This allows students who have mastered course content to accelerate through the curriculum at an individual pace. Students are able to “test out” of a course by passing locally-developed assessments, which may include both written and practical criteria. A course syllabus will be provided and testing date arranged if approved. *Application and approval process through BWEO Committee 
College & Career Readiness Coordinator
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