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Site for New Schools
In the summer of 2017, the board entered a purchase contract on a square parcel of land behind Kintner Parkway in Sunbury for both the new high school and elementary school. The primary access to this site will occur off Miller Drive. The district is working on acquiring another access point off Kintner Parkway, which will be primarily for bus access. While listed at 97 acres on the auditor’s site, the survey of this land came in at 103 acres. Approximately 13.25 acres of this site will remain wooded and undeveloped.
Both buildings will be on the same site. In doing so, this will save the district money on site development. The land was selected based upon criteria determined in conjunction with the district’s Development Committee and was found to be an option that is centrally located with access to utilities. Size of the land available, topography and the affordability of road access, along with other factors, were considered when choosing the site.
The district is currently undergoing due diligence on the land, which includes conducting a traffic study, completing environmental and geotechnical surveys, and undergoing the zoning process. We hope to finalize the purchase of this land this winter, utilizing funds from the bond issue.
Current Site Master Plan