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District Family Update - June 22, 2020

Good evening, this is Angie Hamberg, your superintendent.

I am calling tonight to share a couple of items.  First, our Pandemic Response Committee has been meeting to discuss possible options for next year.  By the end of this week or early next week, I hope to have those options narrowed down considerably.  At that time, we will explain the options in a video.  Next, we will ask parents to make a selection of preferences for each child.  We will give you a couple of weeks to think about the choices and ask any questions before making a decision, but we do hope to have this information by mid-July so we can begin working on finalizing a plan, which will include how to potentially staff multiple options.  I appreciate your patience as things continue to change daily, but we are yet to have a guidance document from the state.  I am hopeful that the document will include recommendations rather than requirements, but I am trying to hold off on finalizing our options until I know for sure.

Next, I wanted to share that I have heard concerns about a young man going around to houses selling books and claiming to work for the schools.  He actually stopped at my house and tried to name drop some teachers with my husband.  He does not work for us, nor does he have any affiliation with the schools.  If he tries to tell you that he does, feel free to share that I have notified all parents that he is not associated with Big Walnut.  I know he is pretty aggressive, and we have heard from multiple concerned residents, so I wanted to address this issue.

Thank you and have a wonderful evening.

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