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Helping Families in Need During Building Closures

What an amazing supportive community we have! We have gotten lots of questions about how we will help our families in need with meals during the building closures. Please know that our team has been working through this issue, and we do plan on having some meals available for our kids in need. These details are still being finalized, but we will share soon.

We are also grateful to the local church volunteers who continue to provide food to children to take home from school through the Bountiful Backpack program. These volunteers have been quietly providing this service for years, and it is at times like this that we are especially appreciative of their work.

Finally, if you have not done so already, this would be a great time to follow Big Walnut Neighborhood Bridges for opportunities to provide kindness to those in need. We will be channeling all requests for assistance from the community through that platform. Thanks for the outpouring of support. I am grateful to live, work, and raise my children in such an awesome community. More details to follow! - Angie Hamberg

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