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Final Week of School/Last Day of School

Final Weeks of School/Last Day of School

Big Walnut is extremely appreciative for the support that has been provided by our PTOs, parent committees, and volunteers outside of the buildings this year, especially given the restrictions that have had to occur due to the pandemic. We are excited to finally see light at the end of the tunnel and are extremely hopeful that state restrictions and visitor limitations will be lifted for next school year. However, in planning for the final weeks of this school year, we do not anticipate lifting any restrictions for visitors in buildings that have been implemented. We will continue to utilize virtual meetings for PTOs, other parent committees, and guest speakers. 

We do plan to continue our early dismissal on the final day of school on Wednesday, May 26, with all students being dismissed 2 hours earlier than their regularly scheduled time, except preschool and half-day kindergarten. The last day for preschool students is Tuesday, May 25. Half-day kindergarten students will attend abbreviated half-day sessions on May 26. AM half-day kindergarten will begin at their regularly scheduled time and be dismissed one hour earlier than their normal time. PM half-day kindergarten will be picked up and start their day one hour earlier than their regularly scheduled times and be dismissed with all full-day students two hours earlier than their normally scheduled time. Principals will continue to communicate this information and any other building-specific details in parent newsletters leading up to the final week of school.

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