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COVID-19 Message from Schoology - 3.13.2020
Good morning, I have received a few questions about the potential of making up time in the summer.
With the plan I shared yesterday (kids attending school through Monday, March 16 and beginning remote learning Monday, March 30), we will not have to make up any time. This situation is changing constantly, so we will keep you updated if anything changes on hours needed for students.
I have also been asked why we are going through Monday. First, let me clarify that the governor said schools would close at the end of the day on Monday. I would have just said that it was beginning on Tuesday as that would have been less confusing. The health officials’ approach is to do a proactive closing, before we have confirmed cases. I believe the governor’s intent was to give us a couple of more days (including a weekend between to plan and organize) to give students materials and other whole-group instruction to prepare them for what they will be doing remotely after break.
Obviously then, our hope is to do that, but we understand if you prefer keeping your children home. If that is the case, please contact the school office to report attendance as usual. Any absence related to this issue will show as an excused absence for now. The state has talked about flexibility on attendance and the possibility of a different code. For now, I would not be concerned with the excused absences.
I hope this helped bring as much clarity as we can offer right now. We will update you as new developments occur.