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ARP IDEA Part B Special Education Funds

IDEA Part B (34 CFR 300.165, 34 CFR 300.201) requires that the LEA annually provide an opportunity for public comment, including individuals with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities, regarding the LEA's use of IDEA Part B funds.  This annual meeting was held on Thursday, June 17, 2021 at our District Administrative Office.

Recently, Big Walnut Local School District was notified that an additional amount of IDEA Part B Special Education funds were being provided through the federal American Rescue Plan (ARP).  With this additional funding, we wanted to share identified resources for our students with special needs that we believe would be a great way to utilize these additional funds.  We also wanted to provide an additional opportunity for public comment on the use of ARP IDEA Part B Special Education funds.

With an increasing number of students with special needs we believe the ARP IDEA Part B funds would be well used to provide an additional intervention specialist and educational assistant to support significant population growth in our elementary Specialized Learning Center (SLC).   In addition, a portion of the funding would be well used to purchase a district membership/subscription for Learning Ally which supports struggling readers and provides access to grade-level materials for students with disabilities.

The District welcomes input from all community members. District residents who are parents of students currently attending non-public schools are also invited. We welcome comments and feedback through Monday, November 29, 2021. Please send comments to Ross Linscott, Director of Student Services, at the following address: Big Walnut Local School District, 110 Tippett Court, Sunbury, Ohio 43074, by email at [email protected] or by calling the Student Services Department at 740-965-7846.