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Facilities/New Construction

Facilities/New Construction

Doug Swartz, Director of Facilities
Email:    [email protected]
Phone:  (740) 965-3010
FAX:       (740) 965-4688 

The Facilities Department oversees all capital improvement projects for both new and existing District facilities.

The District has approximately One Million sq ft. of building space, including occupied structures and new schools under construction. The total land mass of all district property is 295 acres.

The Facilities Director is responsible to develop and implement long- and short-term strategies that maximize the return on investment (ROI) of public dollars in alignment with the District’s educational and operational objectives. He works collaboratively with other community stakeholders, building and health departments, and other partners including safety personnel and energy service providers.

Current projects include the design and construction of nearly 400,000 sq. ft. of new school facilities on a 103-acre site in Sunbury. The November 2017 bond-funded project includes the 500-student K-4 Prairie Run Elementary, and an 1851-student high school with the associated site athletics and related infrastructure. Progress images and related materials regarding these projects can be found on the District’s Construction Projects page.

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