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Darren Jenkins, Treasurer
Phone: (740) 965.3010
FAX: (740) 965.4688



The Treasurer's Office oversees the financial operations of the district including a semi-monthly payroll for over 400 employees. The district has an annual budget of over $54 million. The department employs an Assistant Treasurer, Payroll/Benefits manager, Accounts Payable manager, Accounts Receivable manager, and an EMIS Coordinator.


The department is responsible for all accounting, payroll and financial reporting requirements of the District. The Treasurer of an Ohio school district serves as the Chief Financial Officer and reports directly to the Board of Education. Many of the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer are outlined in various sections of the Revised Code.

The Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget and the publication of an annual report. By law, the Board of Education must adopt a budget by September 30 of each year. Copies of the District's budget are available to the general public.

By January 1st of each year, the District must issue an audited annual financial report. For the past ten years the District has published financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). These statements include financial statements, budget statements, and statistical information about the District and the services and programs it provides. Copies of the District's financial statements are also available to the public.

The Treasurer also serves as the Secretary to the Board of Education. In this role, all contracts, documents, and the official minutes (including audio tapes) of all Board meetings are kept for safekeeping. Board meeting tapes are public records and are available for review by any citizen during business hours. Currently, the District has minutes of Board meetings on file that date back to 1882. Board minutes are public records and are available for review by any citizen during business hours.

As the District continues to develop and expand its web pages, the Department of Finance will make many documents available for review, including the budget and the annual report. Your feedback is important to us. Please email us with any suggestions or improvements you would like to see in this section.

Public School Funding Information

This article briefly walks through funding provided to schools over the years and how some funding sources have changed.
Big Walnut Local Schools has a traditional income tax which is paid to the State of Ohio and paid to the district quarterly

Current Fiscal Year Forecasting and Projections

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Financial Audits


Awards and Accomplishments

New York, February 13, 2018 - Moody's Investors Service assigns a Aa2 to Big Walnut Local School District, OH's School Facilities Construction and Improvement Bonds, Series 2018A (General Obligation - Unlimited Tax).

Big Walnut Finance Committee

The committee bylaws explain the purpose, goal, and composition of the finance committee.
The application can be completed and returned to express interest in being a part of the committee.