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Academic Achievement

We are living in a time of great chaos and change.  As our students prepare to graduate and ENLIST in the military, ENROLL in higher education, or be EMPLOYED in the workforce, they need universal life skills that will help them be successful in any future endeavor.  We know that many of our students will work in careers that do not even exist today, so teaching them universal skills that are most valued by employers is critical for their future success.

In order to create focus on teaching these skills, we created the Eagle Profile, which identifies five key skills for our students. During the 2019-2020 school year, we worked with our Academic Advisory Committee to review research and identify which skills would be most beneficial for us to explicitly focus on in the Eagle Profile.  After narrowing down the list, we surveyed our community to determine the final list, which can be found on our Eagle Profile (shown below). 

Over the next year, we will be working with our staff on ways to explicitly teach and evaluate these skills in the classroom.  We will be aligning our report cards to these five areas as well, and we look forward to helping our students grow in these areas.

We will continue to follow our Big Walnut Academic Vision to Personalize Instruction, Engage Students, and Grow Minds as we emphasize the importance of these skills in our classrooms.


Mike Robertson
Director of Academic Achievement

Aleshia Henderson
Administrative Assistant
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